Pacific Education Management System RoadMap

Architecture Diagram
The roadmap is a general high level overview of some of the activities that can be ex-pected to take place in the near to medium term. The roadmap is driven by needs of adopting countries and interest of contributors. It could be expanded depending on needs of any new adopting countries.

Year 1 (2021)
  • Q2 ’21 - Annual School Census Polymorphic Web Form

This is an advanced technique enabling schools to submit their own annual census into the EMIS in varying formats directly online without the need for change in software by consultants.

  • Q2 ’21 - Annual School Census Enhanced Tracking Tool

Whether you collect data using the student information system, excel workbook or web survey form, each school needs to compile an annual census for national data reporting. This tool facilitates easy tracking of this process.

  • Q3 ’21 - Next Generation openSIS.Net

This is our next generation Student Information System based on a modern archi-tecture and technologies working better over low bandwidth, better integration with other systems and rivaling commercial offerings in quality and features.

  • Q3 ’21 - XY Charts

An advanced tool improving data validation, research and exploration of correla-tions between various datasets.

  • Q4 ’21 - openSIS.Net Phone/Tablet App v1

While we already have an app for the classic Student Information System, this new Android/iPhone app will work with the Next Generation Student Information Sys-tem (i.e. openSIS.Net) and the first version will have features for teachers’ common tasks.

  • Q4 ’21 - Pacific EMIS Demo

Develop and host a comprehensive demo showcasing all available features of the Pacific EMIS platform for potential adopters.

Year 2 (2022)
  • Q1 ’22 - Integration with TAO Computerized Testing

Create and deliver digital tests online following industry open standards and load data into EMIS for further analysis.

  • Q1 ’22 - Pacific EMIS Installer

Develop a platform to easily deploy the Pacific EMIS; in other words no consultant needed to install and try out.

  • Q2 ’22 - Integration with the Next Generation openSIS.Net

Currently the integration is with the classic openSIS, but we are building for the future.

  • Q2 ’22 - Expand the Pacific Islanders Team

The Pacific EMIS is being developed with the vision that it will be a regional good driven by a team of experts including local data analysts and users.

  • Q3 ’22 - openSIS.Net Phone/Tablet App v2

Extend the new Android/iPhone app with features for parents’ and students’ com-mon tasks.

  • Q4 ’22 - openSIS.Net Admission Management

Many people around the world have been requesting features such as the ability to (re-)enroll online streamlining the admissions and enrolment process saving time on admin work of student data entry.

Year 3 (2023)
  • ’23 - Scientific Research

e.g. Start fostering research in Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Longitudinal ed-ucation/life outcomes of Pacific island students, etc.

  • ’23 - Integrate Artificial Intelligence Tools

Evaluate possibility of integrating AI techniques such as machine learning to predict outcomes (e.g. student at risk of dropping, areas with declining enrolments).