Pacific EMIS Web Application


The database-driven web application is the core part of the Pacific EMI project. It would be useful in and of itself though is often enhanced through other tools where and when needed. This is a modern web application built on top of a battle tested data model and framework.


Use it has a foundation for improve data management at the highest level (e.g. government department). While it can also be used by schools directly to access their own profiles and data (see their key performance indicators, compare themselves with other schools in the country or region, view their students' annual performance on standardized achievement test. For day-to-day management of schools such as course and, attendance and grade data management our Student Information System component is better fit.


The system is typically used by several people across whole departments and supports a lot of features. For this reason the documentation is quite extensive and may or may not all be relevant to everyone. Being open source in nature we strive to maintain documentation for users, administrators and developers of the system which can be found at Pacific EMIS Documentation.

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