Pacific EMIS Source Code

The Pacific EMIS project is comprised of one main application with a collection of optional tools with different purposes. They are all available as open source software.


All software are open source but may have different licenses. They are all offered "as-is" with the hope they could be useful but offer no warranty nor do we take any responsibility for its use in any way.

Project Description Source Code License
Pacific EMIS The main database-driven single page web application. This is the heart of the Pacific EMIS and runs on the Microsoft SQL Server database, C#.NET framework backend, typescrip/AngularJS frontend Source GNU GPL Version 3
Pacific EMIS Education Survey Tool A tablet app that is fully integrated with the main Pacific EMI web application. This is meant to conduct offline/online surveys of schools gathering wealth of data beyond imagination and runs on Android developed in Java. Source GNU GPL Version 3
Pacific EMIS Reports A repository holding a growing collection of "hard copy" reports that are directly integrated with the main Pacific EMIS application and can be run dynamically with all the latest data with a single click of a button. It is based on the JasperSoft suite of open source reporting tools. Source GNU GPL Version 3
Pacific Open Education Data A public Android/iOS app meant to disseminate publicly accessible education data with close integration with the Pacific EMIS. To the best of our knowledge a first of its kind in the region. It is developed in Flutter Source GNU GPL Version 3
Pacific EMIS Website This project's website. Plain old HTML and CSS (tiny bit of Javascript). Source Creative Commons Attribution 4.0
Pacific EMIS Jupyter Notebooks So you would like to graduate from excel and try out some more powerful data analysis stuff? Some of our developers use Jupyter Notebooks for a number of tasks including cleaning and massaging data before loading into the main system, exploratory analysis, prototyping, learning and more. Exams Data Google Service Account School Annual Census Workbook GNU GPL Version 3
Pacific SIS A powerful modern Student Information System (aka. School Information System). The Pacific SIS is more geared towards schools, those with more digitial skills and a desired to push the data management to the next level. It can process the data for the main Pacific EMIS. It is written in the same stack: SQL, C#, .NET, TypeScript/Angular. Source GNU AGPL Version 3